Wheeljack is one of the roughest Autobots around. As a former member of the Wreckers, he's seen plenty of action, and he's got the snarky one-liners to prove it. If there's anything he likes more than slicing up Decepticons with his swords or inventing new gadgets to slice Decepticons in different ways, it's hanging with his old buddy, Bulkhead (who calls him Jackie).

Wheeljack doubts Optimus Prime's leadership capabilities, believing he's more of a stuffy old figurehead than a warrior. Wheeljack also chafes under too much supervision. That's why he usually takes off shortly after he's arrived. He'd rather be on his own. He made Embo to trained Lola. He's friends withYoung Autobot, Bulkhead, & Lola bunny.