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Welcome to the Transformers-Broken WikiEdit

Few years earlier, Young Autobot knock the All Spark out of Megatron's hands and slam it into Megatron's spark, But he died. Few years later, an dead Autobot is found by 3 boys called THE ROWDYRUFF BOYS (Brick, Boomer and Butch ). When they defeated Megatron again, They were found by General Grievous.  I got that idea for this. link (thanks Lady-Warrioress)

How you can help this wikiEdit

Write a FanFcition about Transformers. Most know what they are, but FanFiction is, for instance, you or I, not writers, write a story about Young Autobot and his freinds.


This FanFcition wiki is primarily for under-13 year olds, so I'm going to let K [Everyone] K+ [Al
Powerpuff Girls D Opening Animation HD

Powerpuff Girls D Opening Animation HD

most Everyone] and T [Teen]

Titles can be a nuisance, but you need to be creative with your title: Just because that one name sounds epic, ask before you use it.

After writing, we want to see your work! So, use categories I'm setting up, like the ratings, any significant things [such as being a freindship, a romance, an adventure, a song, etc] Alternate Universe, cussing and when the story is [If not during the show; eg. Young Autobot is 14-years-old]

you can make fan arts about them and put them on DeviantArt .

This FanFiction CANNOT contain extreme lemon, lime, or any kind of sex. Love and romance is welcomed, and you can go ahead as you please.

And no OCs!!!!! But Kelsey is okay

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