Sedusa Z
Sedusa was an archenemy in Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z. Sakurako Kintoki got struck by a black light while she was trying on lipstick and turned into Sedusa. As with Himeko, the effects of the black light are not permanent in Sakurako (Annie in the English dub) and she can revert back to her normal self, however, the curse causes her to transform into Sedusa whenever she wears lipstick. Sedusa, Sakurako can wear makeup to make herself look like anyone, as well as use her hair like tentacles, traits shared with her American counterpart, but unlike her American counterpart, both Sakurako and Sedusa are in love with Souichirou (Jason), a regular and innocent man, rather than Professor Utonium. It is posible that she has a playful affection to Poochie because in she debut fight and defeats him in the style of bull corrida.
Powerpuff Girls Z - Ep

Powerpuff Girls Z - Ep. 31 (2 2) English Dub