480px-Princess celestia by blackm3sh-d3fykd8
A pony with a pair of wings and a horn who is the magocratic co-ruler of Equestria and the elder sister of Princess Luna. She rules Equestria with Luna and controls the rising and setting of the sun. For a millennium she also appears to have controlled the moon while her sister was banished. She has a white coat with a hint of pink and multi-colored pastel mane and tail (Though in one of her toy incarnations, she had a lavender body instead of white). She wears a gold tiara, collar and horse shoes. She, alongside Princess Luna, were based on the Generation 1 Princess Ponies from the 1980's animated series. She is usually very kind, patient, and understanding, and wishes for her subjects to relax and be themselves around her. She has a pet phoenix named Philomeena.