Fox is a female, Chinese red fox who is the source of many crushes from the boys in the series. She is the main female character in Skunk Fu! She is also one of the most favored characters in the Skunk fu fan base. In her back story, Fox was the daughter of a male fox never mentioned in the series. He was said to be the only death in Dragon's rampage. According to the official site Fox wants to be a great warrior like him in order to regain her family honor. She has lived most of her life as an orphan reared by Panda and Duck, which is why she is very sympathetic towards Skunk. Fox can be viewed by fans to be between the ages of 17 and 19.

Fox is a very good natured maternal person who is one of Panda's greatest warriors. She is usually patient and wise, but she does have a strong tough side underneath her exterior which drives Rabbit wild with love. She is a very attractive person indeed and will usually use her looks to get the better of enemies like Baboon. She is a talented Fan-Fan warrior and has a very swift kung fu style. This is much like the Korean art of Tai kwon do that consists of a lot of jumping and high kicks with the occasional punch. She also has a bit of a hot temper.