When they got to Mustafar, Bubbles saw Airachnid. “Guys, Airachnid is here.” said Bubbles. “I’ll take her down” said Boomer.

Sedusa, Knock out, & Breakdown arrived and begin to fight Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup, Butch, & Brick.

“Ah...If it isn’t Boomer, and you have a 5 partners for me to kill” said Airachnid.

“The Sith lord is the real villain” said Boomer.

“LIER” Airachnid yelled. So Airachnid begin fighting Boomer.

“He said that the Jedis are the villain.” said Airachnid.

Boomer began fighting Airachnid on top of the Separatist stronghold on Mustafar.

They herd the alarm from the Separatist stronghold.

As the entire facility is bombarded by lava, and both combatants ride down a lava river atop a collection arm severed from the main structure. Boomer & Airachnid leap from the arm and continue their intense duel atop floating platforms. Boomer makes one last appeal to Airachnid.

“Airachnid, The Sith lord used you as a tool” said Boomer.

“He never use me” said Airachnid.

"WELL THEN, YOU ARE LOST!" yelled Boomer.

Then Airachnid punched and webbed Boomer.

And now Airachnid is going to do the same thing what she did to Tailgate.

Until Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup, Butch, & Brick attack her.

“It’s not over yet, The war had just begun again.” said Airachnid. Then she turn into a helicopter to leave.